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Module 10: Checking, Recording and Giving a Feedback for the Progress of Competencies

Their progress in school and opportunities in life are not determined by what the students learn, but by their grades.
Karlheinz Ingenkamp

Relation between learning and examination

Unfortunately, K.H. Ingenkamp’s statement is still quite relevant. Thus, parents and students tend to give more importance to success in a formal examination than gaining knowledge. Examination questions, which lead to success through simply memorising and rote learning, thus jeopardise the teaching concept of the SINUS-Transfer programme. Negative repercussions can be minimised if the examination requirements are adapted as per the goals and concept of teaching.


Which competencies should students acquire in the mathematics and science class? The following diagram documents the rapid increase of competencies:

Interdixciplinary key competences: scheme
Source of figure: C. Gräsel, Überfachliche Schlüsselkompetenzen (interdisciplinary key competencies) presentation

New techniques for evaluating performance

How can the progress of competencies be measured?
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