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Module 9: Strengthening the Responsibility for Autonomous Learning

The best way to learn is to do - to ask, and to do.
The best way to teach is to make students ask, and do.
Don't preach facts -stimulate acts.
Paul Halmos

Developing your own learning strategy

Successful learning is an active, constructive, cumulative and goal-oriented process. For a school, this means: the teacher is not an entertainer and the students are not passive consumers. Various options can be used to help students develop their own strategies. Educational projects, learning circles, individual work or planned activities are tried and tested teaching methods that allow independent, self-organised and cooperative working for a long duration.

Small islands in daily teaching activities

The aforementioned techniques are valuable instruments, but cannot cover all classroom requirements. In this case, self-control, personal responsibility and method competence are the essential prerequisites. Therefore, this module first describes options to form small islands for developing independent learning strategies during daily teaching activities.
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Confidence and the correct strategy

A goal should not be unattainable. Self-belief in one's own abilities, based on a solid foundation of knowledge, helps making a start. Modules 3, 4 and 5 provide additional information in this regard. Knowledge without inspirational ideas remains dead knowledge. Therefore, you will find a lot of information for developing problem solving strategies.
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T. Leuders, Explanations for Module 9 - Strengthening the Responsibility for Autonomous Learning, 2010 (pdf)