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Successful Teaching - for Girls and Boys

In her dissertation, Sylvia Jahnke-Klein has developed pointers for a meaningful mathematics lesson for girls and boys. She has summarised her results in an illustration (click to zoom):

Successful teaching

The central elements of a good lesson are not gender-specific. They pertain to contents and methods which fulfil the objectives of additional modules of SINUS and SINUS transfer in many points. You will find supporting information for this diagram in the literature given below (in German).

De-dramatising the gender differences

Hannelore Faulstich-Wieland (see below) outlines the contemporary gender typicality in the minds of teachers in an exaggerated manner:

Hard-working but untalented girls - lazy but brilliant boys

At the same time, she warns against putting every girl and boy in the "gender box". The gender-specific observation conceals the danger of strengthening prejudices rather than rectifying them. Motivation should focus on an individual with his / her strengths and his / her weaknesses. Faulstich-Wieland calls this the of gender differences.