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Module 7: Motivating girls and boys

Gender studies

In the course of a decade-long gender studies, surveys for the causes of gender gap have been conducted across the world. The primary objective was to discuss and analyse why girls do not favour mathematics and science.
The article - “Math, science, and girls” - written by Jovanic and Dreves in 1995 discusses this topic: Can we close the gender gap?

”Although the gender gap has narrowed over the years, boys continue to outperform girls on standardized tests of math and science achievement. At the same time, girls' attitudes about math and science have become more negative. Many girls feel that they are not good at math and science and say that they do not like these subjects. These trends are troubling because girls' grades in math and science classes are often equal to or better than those of boys. In other words, girls can do math and science. Nevertheless, in high school when students are allowed to choose courses, girls are more likely than boys to opt out of advanced math and science.”

Teaching concepts for motivating girls and young women have been developed through numerous researches, survey reports, expertise and analyses that are available at present. Has there been a breakthrough?

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