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Organisational forms of interdisciplinary teaching

The organisation of lessons with interdisciplinary elements can be carried out in very different ways and focuses.
The following descriptions are based on publications by P. Labudde, University of Bern (see below).

The subject-specific teacher is solely responsible for the class. He brings insights from another subject. For example, the physics teacher will also elucidate the "periodic table" topic including aspects of chemistry.
A generic topic is processed from the perspective of different subjects. The class takes place as part of the regular timetable. A joint presentation and revision may take place at the end of the class.
Supplementing disciplines
Within a limited period (for example, week in blocks), the pupils work with a topic in the integrated subjects. This frequently occurs in groups. Regular classes take place in the subjects which have not been dealt with.
Integrated circles1 Regular classes are interrupted on project days or weeks. The pupils work with a common topic, predominantly in groups.