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Active Learning: Asking Questions and Experimenting

There are many options in the mathematics class to relate to the world of experience of pupils. In the following example, company logos serve as a basis for interesting questions.

Logos - abstract, simple and easily remembered

Companies spend a lot of money for catchy logos. A logo must be quickly recognisable and clearly identifiable. Therefore, simply structured abstract symbols are preferred.
Are there criteria to be met by an effective logo?
Select the automobile logo to the right as the starting point.

Ask questions

The logo has obviously a number of geometric properties. However, the crucial question is not exclusively aimed at the geometry of the figure. Allowing pupils to create a questionnaire that helps to deduce not only this logo, but also many other logos, could be a good start.

Some examples:

  • What is the shape of this logo?
  • Are there symmetries?
  • What proportion of the total area is covered by the partial areas?
  • Is this logo beautiful?
  • What is the original idea behind this logo?

Here you can experiment with the logos >>

The example is taken from the article by E. Höniger, Company Logos.

You can download the article here (PDF, 241 KB)