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Gaining Basic Knowledge in Teaching Practice

Basic knowledge catalogues

Basic knowledge catalogues, which summarise the essential contents of an academic year in close connection with the respective curricula, are very common. In digital form, they offer the possibility of individual supplementation.

Alternatively these catalogues can also be generated individually during the school year. So the pupils have the opportunity to reflect and focus on the essential contents. Writing and modelling promote individual learning processes.

Repeating basic knowledge

  • Look up: The catalogues can be used as reference material to bridge knowledge gaps.
  • Index cards: Systematic repetition can be achieved similar to vocabulary training with the help of question and answer cards.
  • Repetition and practice group: Tasks with different levels of difficulty, blending of old and new knowledge, compulsory and elective tasks make the learning group a good tool for differentiation and individual support.
  • Repetition and practice sheets: They are also a proven tool when designed like the tasks of a learning group. The pupils should have the freedom to choose. This would prevent boredom or overstrain.