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Inquiry Based Learning with Exercises for Pupils

Rolf Herold presents a lesson unit on the topic of density that is characterised by very high self-initiated activity of the pupils.

For the execution of the experiment, every pupil receives a rectangular block that can be made of iron, wood, aluminium, etc. (multiple use of the same material!). First of all the pupils determine the volume of "their" block from the length, width and height. Subsequently they determine the mass of the block using the electronic scales.
All readings are entered in a common table. The use of a spreadsheet and a video projector is helpful. Using the program, the relevant chart can be created and projected directly.
Several half lines can be quickly recognised.
Charts with the analysis of wood and iron
The charts show the analysis of wood and iron (use mouse click to enlarge image)
Comparison of the blocks makes students recognise that each half line is to be assigned to a specific material.
Thus, the material constant "density" can be introduced for example, through the gradient of the straight line and/or as a quotient of mass and volume.