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Topic with Variations

In real life, questions are asked by those who do not know something
and receive a response from those who know it.
The reverse case applies at school.
H. Schupp

Consider the figures shown below. Do you find a primary topic?

  • Triangles with triangles




You learn more about this example in the "variation of a task" chapter.

Task Matrices Promote Superficiality

Problems very often serve only to introduce a standard procedure. With the help of several tasks of the same type (task matrices), the pupils get trained in this procedure until they can "successfully" complete a graded assessment. The original problem is long forgotten ....

Stimulate Interest, and Allow to go in One's Own Way

How can students develop interest in a task and formulate their own question?

There are many approaches to a single solution >>

Ask Your Own Questions, and Find Solutions Together

Greater freedom creates the variation of the original task.
Some may go to the depth of the matter, while others playfully change some parameters and discover new horizons. A complex problem becomes tangible when the question can be made simpler.

You will find here background information, suggestions and practical examples for the variation of a task >>