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Examples of Tasks as Part of Module 1

Math in everyday life


balcony scheme

  1. Discover as many characteristic features of this figure as possible.
  2. Think about some interesting questions about this figure and have them answered by your partner.
  3. Present the best ideas as a group to your classmates.

Problem Situation found in a newspaper

A short article from the North German newspaper “Norderneyer Badezeitung”:

Whereas a few years ago every tenth driver drove too fast, it is meanwhile only every fifth driver. But even five percent is far too much. Therefore, speed checks will still be carried out and every offender will be fined.

Interpret the mathematical content of this article.

Fermi Questions

Hair grows very slowly. During this math lesson each individual hair on your head grows a tiny little bit.
Imagine all of these tiny bits of hair placed one after the other. What is the total length your hair would have grown during this class?

These examples are taken from: