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Module 1: Developing a Task Culture

Tasks play an important role in math and science lessons and should not merely be a part of the routine curriculum. It is the aim of this module to create and apply mathematical tasks that

  • enable students to find different ways of solving problems.
  • systematically revise existing knowledge of the student and supplement it with new material.
  • inspire the setting of new tasks.

Central module

Module 1 is a central module, thus being closely connected with many more modules. The task in itself is not an important criterion for assessing the quality of teaching. More important is its integration into the whole teaching / learning environment. Variable approaches to solving tasks, discussions and interpretations may also turn “classical” tasks into interesting and useful elements of math and science lessons. There is no need to eliminate them as out-dated in general.

More material for information and practical use in lessons:

Gary Flewelling, We Need Learning Tasks That Support Sense Making (pdf, 600 kB)
Gary Flewelling, Rich Learning Tasks: Changing the Culture of the Mathematics Classroom (pdf, 17 kB)
Gary Flewelling & William Higginson, Teaching with Rich Learning Tasks: A Handbook, Published by AAMT, 2005