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The Idea of Transfer

It has always been the main aim of SINUS to produce structures and results (e.g. materials, concepts, methods, etc.) which allow dissemination on a larger scale. An effective transfer process is known to require as much time as the preceding development and sampling process.

Important points considered while designing the transfer:

  • Transfer does not mean copying existing systems, but selecting and adapting them. Transfer processes consider the specific conditions and needs of the people dealing with them.
  • Transfer will be primarily organised by institutions and organisations existing within the states.
  • Establishment of state and interstate school networks, external cooperative partners and supporting systems, into which more and more schools should be gradually integrated.
  • Cooperation of schools which were formerly part of the programme (reference schools) with new ones (dissemination schools) in common school groups with the aim of improving the quality of teaching.
  • The foundation of so-called "centres of competence” or “service centres”, which provide materials, advice and in-house training, and also coordinate the different steps and maintain the programme website.