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Guidelines to the SINUS Programme

School-level approach – utilising existing strengths

The school-level approach should be followed for ensuring quality and optimising both teaching and learning of mathematics and science. The programme objectively focuses on the existing strengths and capabilities in mathematics and science:

  • Relation of the teaching towards the subject
  • Subject-specific qualification and teaching experience of the teaching staff

Modules for selection and revision

The programme offers eleven modules, from which the schools or school networks can choose. The modules give a detailed description of the problems which may arise in math and science lessons and suggest how to deal with them. In applying these modules, the schools should consider their specific local and regional conditions.

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Cooperation of teachers – regional and central support

The main principle is the cooperation of teachers within the department of a school, and also beyond the individual school, when seen from a long-term perspective. The work at the schools will be coordinated and supported within the school, regional group or interstate network.