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TIMS Studies

The “Third International Mathematics and Science Study –TIMSS” deals with international comparative analysis of school standards. Its results created strong public response in Germany. A complementary German study and detailed analysis of lessons (as part of the TIMSS video) gave a clearer picture of the possible causes for the existing deficits in the German educational system.

Expert opinion

Based on these materials, a group of experts assigned by the BLK-Project Group drafted the report “Innovations in the Educational System - Assessment on the preparation of a programme for improving the efficiency of teaching mathematics and science”. SINUS and SINUS Transfer are based on this expert opinion.

More information

The Expertise"Gutachten zur Vorbereitung eines Programms zur Steigerung der Effizienz des mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts" (German):
overview (German)(pdf)
The Expertise (German) (pdf, 205kb)