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The Modular Concept

The various elements of the SINUS Transfer programme are structured in different modules. They leave room for supplementation and individual development, but are clearly embedded in a basic concept.

Integration into existing concepts

An effective change of teaching methods will be most successful if the teachers of the participating schools accept the innovation process and are capable of integrating them in their curriculum.
Therefore SINUS Transfer programme demands a very active and responsible attitude from all teachers. Acting as experts the teachers decide the ways of optimising their teaching methods on their own.


These modules allow adoption of the teaching measures at some points followed by gradual dissemination of the changes in the teaching methods. They also facilitate adaption to school-level, state-level and interstate conditions. Setting the focus on specific strengths of the staff or individual teachers is clearly preferred.

Cooperation as the main objective

However diverse and flexible the topics may be, the entire element of cooperation among the teaching staff links the modules. The teachers cooperate both in an intra and inter-disciplinary manner. Exchange of ideas and experiences on a state level and supervision and support on an interstate level promote and strengthen cooperation with local implications.

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